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List of fics.

Genre: Non-romance, friendship fics. Author writes lousy romance fic and doesn't write/read same-sex relationship stories.

Universe 1:
A World Without - Ninomiya Kazunari
Nino has been drawn into an unbelievably surreal training program which tests his worthiness and willingness to stay in the entertainment industry. He finds out things about himself, his friends and sets himself right with the business that he has been acquainted with, and increasingly disillusioned about, for more than a decade.

1) Part One
2) Part Two
3) Part Three
4) Part FourA | Part FourB
5) Part Five
6) Part Six
7) Part Seven
8) Part Eight

Universe 2:
The Habitat Series
Arashi live together in a house. Ha.

1) Habitat I

Moving in.

2) Habitat II
M&M's, kitchen doors.
Note: Has two parts because it exceeded LJ's word limit, otherwise it is one story. Click on 'M&M's' or 'kitchen doors' to go to respective parts.

3) Habitat III
Closet exhibitionism, no-one-is-at-home.

4) Habitat IV
Arashi anniversary, pet.
Note: Has two parts because it exceeded LJ's word limit, otherwise it is one story. Click on 'Arashi anniversary' or 'pet' to go to respective parts.

5) Habitat V
Convenience store.

6) Habitat VI

Short vet visit and the burst pipe.

7) Habitat VII
Jun's shower, Ohmiya moment and Aiba/Jun wrestling, hidden camera ploy that Sho, Ohno and Aiba don't know anything about

Universe 3:
The Great Big Arashi Family
Arashi in the year 2020. Most are married, some of have kids. Wide range of genres, but het through and through. Doesn't mean there's no Arashi love though. ;) It abounds.

The Great Big Arashi Family [ONE-SHOT]
Chronicles the guys' love stories with their spouses. Prompted "Nino" and "family" by [info]primroseshows

The Great Big Arashi Family II [CHAPTERED, TWO PARTS]
Sequel to 'The Great Big Arashi Family'. Talks about four-fifths of Arashi with their kids, and how Nino and Miharu progressed from where we left off.
1) Daddy is a Pop Star
2) Valid Reasons

Six Months to Glory [ONE-SHOT]
Nino and Miharu's story between the time they had the long talk through the night about their relationship to the first time they made love. Very sexy Nino at the end, you have been warned.

In which Nino gives Miharu a nickname [ONE-SHOT]
One day, Nino decides to give his girlfriend a nickname. Very short piece written just to get their voices out of my head.

Birthday Messages for Ohno Satoshi [ONE-SHOT; birthday fic for [info]maiaide ]

Scoop [ONE-SHOT]
Done magazine-interview style. Sort of like a preview to SP2.

Universe 4:
The Wonder Years
Note-passing fic. Arashi are in the first-year of university, and they are communcation majors. Very crack and known to be rather funny. My gallant attempt at humour.

1) Communication 101
2) The Importance of Being Juvenile
3) Vestiges of a Broken Mind
4) Open Secrets
5) If the Five of Us Live Together
6) Of Odours and Victuals

Universe 5:
Sapporo (otherwise known as In Dreams to Come)
AU set in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Nino is a wounds specialist (read: nurse) based in Hokkaido University Hospital, and he has a home that was left to him by his grand-aunt. He rents out a room to an orthopaedic surgeon from his hospital who has just arrived in Sapporo from Tokyo (this is Sho) and lets Ohno board for free, because Ohno and him have a history that go way back. (Ohno is an actor with a theatre troupe.) Nino's patient is Aiba, the adventure specialist who was on a reconnaissance mission in a mountainous part of Hokkaido and got attacked by a bear. He ends up renting a room at Nino's as well. Nino also rents out a room to Jun, the Home Ec teacher at Sapporo Elementary School, who desperately wants to live on Nino's street because the girl he likes is Nino's neighbour two houses away. The five men struggle with their ideals, jobs and each other, and basically find out how friends stick together no matter what.

Episode 01 (~20 000 words, five parts)
まだまだ世界が終わらない 今から始めて見ればいいじゃない?
This world hasn’t ended yet – shall we take it from here and see how it goes?

Episode 02 (~13 000 words, four parts)
どれくらいの奇跡が重なってさ 僕らは こうやってさ 出会えたんだろう?
How many miracles had to be gathered for us to have met, you think?

Episode 03 (~10 000 words, three parts)
僕らは泣いて笑って それでも明日を夢見てしまう。
We cry and we laugh; and even so we dream of tomorrow.

Episode 04 (~12 500 words, four parts)
もし僕が あの日 少し違う未来を選んだとしたら...
If I had chosen a slightly different future, on that day...

Episode 05 (~11 000 words, three parts)
You trip and fall and break a bone; you look forward and move on!

Episode 06
世界が回ってる、夢がここにある… この大地で同じ星を見る。
The universe spins; dreams exist right here… And from this earth, we look at the same star.

Episode 07 (Final)
運命的な五叉路 ひとつにつながり 続いて行く
At the crossroads of fate, our five paths converge and we walk on…

Screencap of happenings after Episode 07

SP (set for December 2009 release)

Universe 6:
Ultimate Crossover of Doom in which characters are married to themselves (popularised as 'Nuptials', but this is quite incorrect) [CRACK; ONE-SHOTS; CAN BE READ INDEPENDENTLY]

Nuptials arc [ONE-SHOTS]
We've all seen Ryuusei no Kizuna and Yamada Tarou Monogatari. They're both Nino, after all. But what if Kouichi marries Taro? In that vein, you'd find Taiyou (from Yoiko no Mikata) married to Chu (Pika*nchi: Life is hard dakedo happy; Pika**nchi: Life is hard dakara happy) and Momo (Kimi wa Petto) married to Doumyouji Tsukasa (Hana Yori Dango)! Multiple references to other roles in each vignette. Read and understand.
1) Nuptials
2) Nuptials: The Prequel and Sequel

Deathbeds arc
In the general idea of Nuptials, we'd get a whole new set of pairings (eg. time-travel! Shun from Pika*nchi marries Shouichi from Kiiroi Namida - those are the Aibas for you) and according to the theme, 'Deathbeds' would feature either one half or both of these married couples on their deathbeds. Imagine that.
1) Deathbeds (not ready)

Smaller Fics

Maou/Ryuusei no Kizuna.

The Art of Hospitality
[ONE-SHOT; ~9000 words]
A very, very long one-shot that WASN'T MEANT TO BE SPLIT UP INTO FOUR PARTS but LJ wasn't co-operating so it had to happen. Summary:

Sho is the next in line to take over a hotel. He is good friends with the general manager, Matsumoto Jun. Jun is also good friends with the Public Relations head, Ninomiya Kazunari. Sho's dad insists that Sho knows about the company from scratch, so he sends Sho to be immersed in the different departments. The first one he goes to is Housekeeping Services, and he has to spend three days attached to a room housekeeper. His mentor is apparently this guy called Ohno Satoshi, who actually harbours some sort of a secret side job.

Aiba Masaki is part of the Research and Development team under the Food & Beverage department. His job includes experimenting with food, looking at food science formulae and eating said food to make sure the culinary standards of the hotel is upheld. He also has a colleague who likes him. Very Much. She is a girl, of course, since I only write het.

This story involves golf, ice-cream and popsicles. Probably in that order. How does Ohmiya fit in? You really have to find out yourself. :)

Where talents lie
Taken from the Himitsu no Arashi-chan Mario Championship Special, a short piece about Jun and Nino's friendship, and how Jun deals with winning the Mario Championship.

Wavering [ONE-SHOT]
Michael Jackson's death make Arashi think about their own mortality.

Breakfast at Ohno's [ONE-SHOT]
Ohno owns the bakery by Aiba's house, and Aiba, a newly-matriculated university student, finds a lot of joy sharing the same locality with a baker.

Other Collections:


Part of my resolution to write an AU a day. A collection of five one-shots, all different and experimental in terms of writing style, tone and plot.

Fiveshort #1: Of Mice and Men
Resurrection of that bakery fic featuring Ohno and Aiba, which someone prompted here and I did anonymously. Set about one year after that episode. This fic brings in the rest of Arashi, with Sho as Aiba's new neighbour and Jun as Ohno's cousin who helps at the bakery on weekends and occasionally during emergencies. Nino is the baking goods supplier and has been transacting with Ohno since the setup of the business.

Fiveshort #2: The Long Way Home
Nino is a vet who has made a housecall - on a mountain. He is new the to city, even more so the mountain, and as a fog settles over the lowlands he finds that he is having a really hard time finding the way home. On his way he picks up a few rather strange men, and is plunged into a number of unfortunate events thanks to such acquaintance.

Fiveshort #3: Biker Boyz

Fiveshort #4: Alien vs Predator

Fiveshort #5: Golden Years

Created: 31 Dec 2008
Updated: 15 July 2009


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